Facebook Ads secure visibility for your brand. With 2.89 billion users worldwide, advertising on Facebook is an opportunity that’s too good to miss. However, if you don’t know how to use paid media advertising properly, you could end up throwing heaps of money at it for no reason. To prevent yourself from burning a hole in your company’s pocket, here are 10 common mistakes people make with Facebook Ads.

Creating Facebook Ads without setting a clear objective for the end of the campaign

What do you want to gain from your ad? Before you start producing anything, you need a strategy. You need to set out the objectives of your ad campaign. Do you want to drive traffic to your website, drive people to pages that will create leads, or direct them to product pages that lead to direct sales?

You should also think about the figures you want to gain from the ad so you can determine how successful the campaign was. Once you’ve set out your objectives, you can more accurately tailor your ad to your needs.

Releasing your Facebook Ads and then leaving them, not analysing the results

So, you’ve released your ad. Now what? One of the biggest mistakes people make is not reviewing the progress of their campaigns. You set objectives for a reason. How can you decide whether you were successful unless you analyse the performance of your ad? By looking at the performance, you can gauge which techniques were beneficial and which were not. Then, when you go again, you know how to get better results.

Not experimenting with anything new

It’s easy to look at your previous successful ad campaigns and think you don’t need to change anything. But just because something works once doesn’t mean it’s the most beneficial tactic going forward!

To create effective Facebook Ads, you should be continuously trialing new techniques based on effective research methods like A/B tests.

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Over-segmenting your Facebook Ads’ target audience

If you know your audience like the back of your hand, then you’ll know to segment them properly. This means breaking your overall target group down into sub-groups and figuring out how to effectively target each one. In some cases, however, you can over-segment your audience, which makes Facebook’s learning phase longer and sometimes uncompleted.

Using the same Facebook Ad repeatedly

Don’t succumb to ad fatigue. Don’t bore your audience and lose their attention. Keeping your ads fresh and engaging will continually capture your audience’s imagination. And if someone finds inspiration in your ad, they’ll be more likely to convert.

Not refreshing your images or design paired with your Facebook Ads

As with above, revitalising your visuals will keep your ads interesting and engaging for your audience. By leaving the design the same, you risk your audience losing interest as they’ll feel they’ve seen the ad before without giving it any of their attention.

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Forgetting the format of Facebook Ads can vary depending on the device

As a general rule for all areas of digital marketing: don’t forget about phones. Everybody has one. Everybody uses one to search the internet. As such, you need to make sure your ad’s layout suits all devices.

The format of your ad will change depending on the device it is displayed on. Mobiles will only show the first lines of your ad, whereas desktops show a bigger chunk of text. Your main offer or selling point should be in those top few lines! This is what will draw people in and encourage them to continue reading.

Not having a clear Call To Action

What is it that you want your audience to do? Set out a clear Call To Action (CTA) and have this displayed within your ad.

If you want to generate leads, you could include ‘contact our team today’. You should make sure that your Call To Action lines up with your overall objectives and your wider digital marketing strategy.

Forgetting to design Facebook Ads cohesively with the site’s design

When producing your Facebook Ad, you need to ensure that your design is cohesive with your website’s existing theme. This includes offer labels, colours and images. By following a cohesive design, you ensure your brand is memorable and instantly recognisable. For customers to trust and reuse your brand, they first need to recognise it.

Not optimising the description

If you’re not taking advantage of your ad descriptions, you’re wasting money! Whenever you’re paying for advertising, you need to make the absolute most of it. For our Facebook Ads, we use the description to include the product or service name, so that Facebook knows what the ad is and where best to distribute it. Don’t leave any stone unturned. Consider every aspect of your ad and how best to optimise each one.

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