Video content is a digital landslide that shows no signs of slowing down. More people are engaging with the visual realm than ever before. Using videos on your website or social media channels will capture your audience’s imagination, producing more clicks, more leads, more sales. So how do you make a good corporate video? Simple:

  • Decide your purpose
  • Brainstorm your ideas
  • Write a great script and storyboard
  • Buy the best equipment
  • Share your video in the right places

Need a bit more explanation? We got you covered.

Have a clear purpose

Before you even begin the planning process, you need to think about the purpose of your video. What do you want to achieve? The answer will determine the style of your corporate video. If the purpose of your video is to hire new staff, you should make a recruitment video. If the purpose of your video is to show off a new product, you might want to make a product demonstration video.

Here are some examples of types of corporate video:

  • Brand video
  • Conference/event
  • Social media videos
  • Email marketing video
  • Testimonial videos
  • FAQ videos
  • Product demonstration
  • Internal communication video
  • Recruitment video
  • Training videos

Once you’ve chosen which of these is best for achieving your goal, you can get to work.
Video editing

Brainstorm your corporate video

Even if you have a clear purpose and know the type of video you want to create, it can be difficult turning this idea into a fully-fledged concept. Starting with a brainstorm of all of your ideas and ‘must haves’ is an effective way to develop your idea into something earth-shattering.

Don’t rush into creating your corporate video. Spend as much time as you can preparing and planning. Remember, strategy is everything. You need to consider who you’re going to want to be in the video, what you want them to talk about, and what target audience you want them to be talking to.

Perfect your corporate video’s script and storyboard

Before your corporate video goes into production, you need to ensure that you have created a clear and in-depth script or storyboard. This will form the structure of your corporate video and enable you to visualise your final product more clearly.

We’ve seen folks try to wing it before. It has never gone well.

Have the best equipment and the right team

For a video that gets results, it’s important you have the highest quality equipment and a skilled team to use it. The video you produce will represent your company, so filming a low-quality video on a smartphone isn’t a great idea. To get the goods, hire a team of professionals who have all the equipment and years of knowledge and experience. At Digital Ladder, we have cinema and TV-approved cameras, operational authorisation and insurance to fly our drone worldwide, and a team with over 20 years of experience. Pretty good, right?

Video drone sunset

Build to an engaging conclusion

Is your script engaging and enticing? Are your visuals relevant to your video? Do they catch people’s attention? Your video needs to hold your viewers’ interest throughout. The start of your video needs to be strong, as this is where you will gain or lose the most viewers. Your central message needs to be prominent through the beginning, middle and end. The viewer should immediately grasp the CTA (Call To Action), and be left with a strong understanding of what to do next (apply here, enquire further, buy now).

Share your corporate videos with the right channels

Your title, description and CTA can all vary slightly, depending on where you’re distributing the video. Viewers will react differently to your content depending on where it’s uploaded. YouTube is, of course, by far the most popular, with people viewing 5 billion videos a day. Vimeo, meanwhile, may get less overall traffic, but has a reputation for hosting higher quality content. Being knowledgeable on the different platforms will allow you to optimise your content accordingly.

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