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Helping Martins Waste to take out the trash

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Helping Martins Waste to take out the trash

The Challenge

Craig had worked in the waste industry for a while. In fact, with a former business, he had been a trusted client of Digital Ladder. So, when he joined Martins Waste, we were the obvious choice to take on their marketing challenge.

Martins Waste were serious about expanding their business. And were ready and willing to support them on their journey.

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Martins Waste removal vans

The Solution

We wasted no time. Immediately, we isolated their website as a great platform from which to build up the business. Working with the client, we optimised their existing site until it was as good as it could possibly be.

We also implemented a complete restructure of their Google Ads account, ensuring their paid ads were getting more visibility, more clicks, and a better ROI. If that wasn’t enough, we also targetted new keywords and sent campaigns to targetted landing pages.

In total, we expanded their number of active campaigns by a staggering 250%. All campaigns followed a more targeted geographical approach. Our superior reporting also allowed us to identify exactly what was working and where we needed to improve.

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The Results

In the first 2 months of working with Martins Waste, we reduced cost per lead by 21% and spent 12% less. When the client increased their budget in months 3 & 4, we further reduced the cost per lead by another 22%. All this helped Martins Waste take on an extra van and clearance team.


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