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Taking Newton Waterproofing's brand to the next level

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Taking Newton Waterproofing’s brand to the next level

The Challenge

Founded more than 170 years ago, Newton Waterproofing is the UK’s leading independent designers and suppliers of guaranteed waterproofing systems. Their advanced range of waterproofing materials allows them to design and install effective, robust, and third-party accredited Type A, B and C waterproofing systems in accordance with current legislation and best practice. As such, they can protect all structures, from large-scale commercial developments to new-build and existing domestic properties. The family-run business appointed Digital Ladder to build a brand that matched their exceptional product. Here’s what we did…

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The Solution

We got to work on implemented our expert PR and digital marketing strategies. We got pieces on the product published in industry-leading magazines.

We also create an effective email marketing campaign that saw their leads increase to new heights.

But biggest of all, we oversaw the design and build of a mammoth 550-plus page website. From here, it was a case of optimising every page to the max, driving as much organic traffic as possible to their doorstep.

The Results

In our first 12 months of working together, the growth that Newton achieved was incredible. Their new website was performing fantastically, and they were firmly on the path to success.

Digital Ladder have really shown their worth since we started working with them and they did a fantastic job on our website. They have helped us increase our brand exposure and delivered consistent results. “When it comes to building products, Digital Ladder know the industry and what works, and re-signing back up was an easy decision and one we believe will help us keep pushing forward

MD Warren Muschial

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