A website is nothing without engaging, high-quality blog content. You may be tempted to write it yourself. However, to get results, you need it to be written by someone who knows digital marketing inside and out. Your blog content will be what draws your audience to your site. It could be what motivates them to fill out a form, or even make a purchase. On many occasions, it will be their first impression of your business. Better make it a good one.

Let’s break down some top tips on how to produce high-quality blog content, and explain why you should leave it to an expert content writer.

Content is your dark horse

Know your audience

When writing content, you have to understand the audience you are writing for. You’ll need to use this knowledge to accurately tailor your content for them. If you’re targeting an everyday consumer (B2C), you might want to choose more informal, friendly language. If you’re targeting businesses or professionals (B2B), you may use formal language and use more professional or trade terms.

Relevancy is everything. The content you write should be relevant to your company and what people want to know. You could try basing content around People Also Ask questions (PAAs) on search engines. This way, you can zone in on a topic people are searching for, which will improve your search engine ranking.

Research your topic

Whatever you’re writing about, you need to know about it. Do your research to learn what correct terminology you should be using, and what information users are regularly searching for. This will help to come up with content titles that not only resonate with the target audience, but also stand a better chance of ranking on the search engine results page (SERP).

Know about SEO

Thar brings us onto Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Practicing good SEO helps your website to rank in SERPs. The quality of your SEO will be affected by the content populating your site. You can also use SEO knowledge to your advantage to improve your website’s domain authority score (DA) and its overall ranking.

Any blog content you create should seamlessly link back to at least one of your web pages. Creating internal links will increase your chances of Google’s bots finding your content and adding it to their index. When adding internal links, you should always use relevant and descriptive anchor text. By doing this, you are telling a bot what the link is. This is just one example. For more advice on good SEO practice, read our blog on 6 top tips for improving your SEO. See what we did there?

Lizard crawling through bush

Know about page speed

Knowing what can affect the page speed will teach you what to avoid using within your content. Your page speed can be slowed down by several factors, but the two most common ones are hosting your site on an unreliable or busy server and using incorrectly sized images.

Relevant images with relevant alt-text are a great thing to put up your sleeve. This is especially true if you’re trying to sell a product. However, if you use images with too large a file size, you may cause the page to load slowly as it tries to load the image. To counter this, image files should be as small as possible. This means either sourcing smaller images or knowing how to compress them to meet your requirements.

Keyword research

Keywords are essential. They’re what tell Google what your blog’s about. In order to accurately integrate keywords throughout your content, you must be able to perform thorough keyword research surrounding your topic. At Digital Ladder, we use a tool called SEMrush to select keywords and track their performance. You can also research popular search terms and pick out keywords from this research. This all helps increase your visibilty.

However, don’t just cater to the bots. Don’t flood your content with keywords in a way that’s incredibly obvious and jarring. Remember your audience and the importance of user experience. Your content still needs to be readable and enjoyable. As such, you need to weave in your keywords subtly, so they don’t stick like sore thumbs.

Why you should leave it to an expert

Allowing experts (like us) to write your content for you will take your website to the next level. Content writers are skilled at everything discussed above. This means they’re able to produce high-quality, scroll-stoppiong blog content that will optimise your site, improve its web visibility and bolster your reputation. These skills take time and energy to develop, time and energy that the pros have. As expert content writers are so skilled, they can also complete the work at a much more efficient rate than someone with little to no experience.

Winning the content race

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